About Us

Being part of a ministry is more than coming to church to hear a great sermon. It’s about building real relationships where we can touch someone’s life, encourage and be encouraged. Being part of this ministry creates an opportunity for growth, personal accountability, and building lifelong friendships within the body of Christ. Understanding our mission, what we believe and or leader’s vision may help you find that this is a great place of service that allows you to best use your God-given gifts.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Faithful Temple Church of Deliverance Praise and Worship Center Ministries is:

To glorify and worship our AWESOME GOD by obeying His call.

To preach the good news of GOD’S WAY of SALVATION provided in HIS ONLY SON, Jesus Christ.

To help those who have heard the Gospel to understand the meaning of GOD’S GRACE.

To reveal the Love of GOD in all its fullness.

To strengthen the family unit so that each family will be a living reality of the power of the Gospel,
providing the healing presence of JESUS to other marriages in their community.

To give the believer clear and logical reasons for their faith,
that they will be prepared to be effective WITNESSES TO THE WORLD.

To see each believer mature to the unity of the faith;
seeing their destiny in the BODY OF CHRIST and the importance of fulfilling that destiny.

To see the believers united in a bond of love and fellowship
that the world may know that JESUS IS LORD and glorify the FATHER which is in heaven.

What We Believe

We believe:      The Bible is the inspired WORD OF GOD.

We believe:      In a Triune God – one eternal God in three persons – the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. We believe: JESUS CHRIST is the only way to salvation.

We believe:      JESUS CHRIST became man, died on the cross for every believer, was buried, raised from the dead, and ascended to heaven where HE reigns and intercedes for us. He will come again at which time every individual will be accountable to HIM at the final judgment.

We believe:      The HOLY SPIRIT indwells every believer, transforming them into the image of JESUS CHRIST and equipping them with spiritual gifts necessary for ministry.

We believe:      Jesus is the Head of the Church and we are instituted to worship God and proclaim Him.

We believe:      As a response to GOD’s love, we are to live according to GOD’s Word. To obey His laws. To love Him and one another, not out of fear but out of gratitude.

We believe: The Lord’s Supper and Baptism are Sacraments instituted by JESUS CHRIST. They are visible signs of GOD’s invisible grace.

We believe: GOD is sovereign. He is a GOD who restores us and sustains us. HE is our ever-present help.

Leader’s vision for the Ministry
The core of Faithful Temple Church of Deliverance Ministries welcomes the community with open arms. We are committed to train an army of people who are passionate about living out God’s purpose for their lives. Thereafter, giving that army an outlet for sharing the love of Christ through various outreach ministries and missions. Our vision include goals are designed to fill some of the needs of our community. Several projects have already been undertaken, while others are still in the planning and preparation stages. We are strengthening our present growth groups – Tutoring, Health\ Fitness Classes, Drug Rehabilitation Ministry, Singles Ministry, Divorce Ministry, Single Mom Ministry, Oaks of Righteousness, Intercessory Prayer, Nursing Home Ministry…Etc. We envision facilities such as – halfway house for on-site rehabilitation, a homes for single, teen mothers, as well as a youth center giving back to our community will make it stronger. So connect with us and let us bring this full vision to pass.
Meet Our Founder

Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown is the founder and Pastor of Faithful Temple Church of Deliverance Ministries, Inc. She birth this ministry in 1989. to learn more click here https://www.faithfultemplechurch.com/dr-wilhelmenia-e-brown-bio/

About Us