Meet our Pastor

Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown

Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown

Principle Instructor

Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown is the portrait of faithfulness, consecrated, born-again lay- man, foot soldier in Gods’ army. Her service is unheralded but vital in the cause of Christ. Dr. Brown is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Pastor, Preacher, Author, Teacher, Prophet, Psalmist instructor and Principle of FTCOD Institute.

Dr. Brown has for the last 40 years been the enthusiastic wife of Retired sergeant Kenneth R. Brown, and mother of two wonderful children Minister Anthony Bryant (Sonya) and Prophetess Prophetess Artiesheia M. Brown (Marcus). She is the proud grandmother of six loving grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Upon heeding the direction of God she became Preacher, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Author – Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown is Founder and Senior Pastor of the Faithful Temple Church of Deliverance Praise and Worship Center in Hinesville, Georgia.

Dr. Brown received her earned ministry education from Jacksonville Theological Institute and ZOE University.

Dr. Wilhelmenia E. Brown fueled by a passion for education and the deliverance of God’s people in so much that she has dedicate her life to pulling others out of their circumstances so that they can focus on God’s unique plan of destiny for their lives. She readily and candidly shares, “It’s all about Kingdom Building; it’s about Gods’people.”